Thursday, March 31, 2005

Myth about blogging

so here i am writing about my intro to this world of blogging....

This happened last year somewhere in may2004, when my best friend gave me a link to her blog..for the first few months..i wondered what crap people wrote...about their lives..gradually my opinion towards blogging began changing i navigated to a plethora of blogs that stirred my interest to visit them over and over..some of them well crafted they say"the gift of the gab"..this enticed me..and there i was experiencing..a whole new world of blogging.

One of the most exciting blog i've ever visited is i feel it was this blog that captured my senses..and of course there are others too..

...chal will post something later..running short of brain has nearly stopped working ever since my exams have got over..thank GOD it kinda worked when i needed it..OK...BYE...

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

hey,am gonna be a blogger too...:)

ok..lets start with the name of " Siddhivinayak namoh namah"....

ACTUALLY..dont want anything going wrong with my blogging experience...u see..

ok..since.i've a 10 day break for my pracs i thought of starting with this whole new experience of blogging which i've been cherishing for a really long time.Inspired by the likes of...great my best friend Angel..And many others....the thought of blogging crept onto my head.ok..this was a trial lets me check out whether this is working.