Thursday, April 28, 2005

Life sucked...yesterday

Yesterday was a bad day in every possible add to my woes...the top notch super B@#$% from my class gave me a call just before i could enjoy my wonderful dinner....she called up to rub it on me that she had got a call from wellingkars for GD/ the way ,every tom,dick and harry who applies to wellingkars get a call..for the same..her main intention was just let make me feel depressed about not getting any where...
how can people be so selfish and mean....not considering the happiness of their parents... they just want to seek attention..after all does this give happiness to fact to some it does ,they just like hurting peoples feelings...and this gives them immense can a person use his or her beauty to gain access to various opportunities in life isn't it sheer exploitation of beauty..infact it is tantamount to selling once why crib about people into prostitution as profession they atleast do that and accept their it is..and have no qualms about their profession....i have seen these vamps in Saas Bahu Dramas...SUPER @#%*& "M" is an perfect this regard..Im sure ekta kapoor has gained inspiration from such females...Real life vamps.
Life is not about seeking attention..its all about nirvana the ultimate...for some..NIRVANA is achieved through unethical means..let such people continue with their day for sure they will realize their mistake Am hoping that it wouldn't be too late...then.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I just cant understand whats happening with my life ,life seems to be a lot complicated..this happens to be a very crucial year for me..and maybe thats why i'm being so indecesive..the very obvious question i have to answer to everybody is what am i gonna do next?.Is it necessary to answer this.....Damn it now....
When i joined for my first year bsc the only fixation i had on my head is when am i getting out of this place and joining a b- school...i have always wanted to do an mba...its been a kind of obsession to me..i dont a lover but definitely a lover like an mba awesome...i always loved preparing for my mba entrances ,it was always better than preparing for my college examz when i am given a choice to choose between an mba or ..something else..its natural that i would choose the former ..but my Parents just doesnt seem to understand...i Hope in the forthcoming days i can try to convince them....
Right now am trying to introspect what has gone wrong with i already fed up being at home..or what??
God please help me find a way...

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Its been a week since those dreadful examz ended and also a week since i blogged ...not that i was hell bent catching up with my precious sleep but also lazing around at home.Ofcourse i did do some productive stuff staying at home like grooming myself all those threading ,waxing and those girlie things...(painful stuff in a way).
i cut my tresses too in the new jassi style,now everybody can say"karthika jaise koi nahi"(waise bhi sabhi yahi kehte hai).
i did go for an english flick called HITCH,that movie is worth the money yaa..considering those skyrocketing ticket rates the mutiplexes charge, excluding the popcorn and icecream during the interval.WILL SMITH ROCKS BY FAR...
Apart from all these did a lot of blog trotting.Came across some amazing blogs and most of them written by mallus..there is quite a chunk who write blogs, am still trying to find the connection between mallus and blogs..considering even i'm a mallu.
One of my fellow bloggers has written about travelling by bus syndrome in delhi very soon am gonna write about it as the mumbai challenge on goes check out his blog..Abhinav

Saturday, April 16, 2005

End of the month long saga...

Finally the day has arrived..which i've been longing for..the end of my exams.What a turbulent month it has been ,apart from studying it also had its share of crying,tension,and of course not forgetting my b'day when i gave away my answer sheet the only thing on my head was...WHATS NEXT KARTHIKA???(have no clue)
Even though one saga has come to an end a host of others are in the offing.."n" number of entrances i've to give this year has already let me loose my sleep...ofcourse lost sleep during the examz..though i had slept throughout the year ,it makes me feel that i've gone through an herculean task..
Its celebration time too my best friend angel is celebrating a year of blogging next month so,HAPPY B'DAY ANGELIC SOUL......
not forgetting as i had mentioned in my earlier post about the INDO-PAK series keeping us at tenterhooks..has come true ..and what a relief..saurav dada is out ,he can come back after a long break...all fit and fine and raring to go.
lets see what happens tommorrow??????

Saturday, April 02, 2005 india has won the first match in the ind -pak series .am quite sure.pak will win the next match.. and this will continue alternating..until the 17th april ..they basically want to keep us in a cliff hanger situation.
i always say to myself that will stop watching cricket but somehow that never matter what the situation is even if i've a board exam the next day i would be hooked onto criket..afterall i'm a hardcore INDIAN.
lookslike there are just two batsmen in the indian cricket team..apna viru and dravid..and our aggressive captain DADA has definitely forgotten how to bat..he is more interested in doing those commercials with our captain from Pak Inzy.luckily Sachin managed to "keep his foot where is money is" by taking five wickets..otherwise it would cost him a few ads..he seems to have endorsed all possible brands..Is anything left..its the same with AMITABH BACHCHAN too..
now let me change the subject.. my friend angel seems to be very happy on resuming her blogging after a long if this gives her happiness she should continue..with it...I believe in doing stuff that makes me content about it... be it whatever in the way i gotta pracs begin on 6th april and i am zilch prepared as usual..already have screwed up my exams dont wanna do the same for my pracs too..izzat ki baat hai..

bye take care..will blog tommorrow ..