Friday, May 13, 2005

Of everything else in life its movies..

First of all am really sorry to all my fellow bloggers and my friends who do read my blog..coz this post is coming after a really long waz not intentional just that..some privacy problems at home..Lifez been fun these days.,nothing much to do yaa am trying to hone my cooking skills.
I did watch some horrible movies like the movie from the bhatt family"ZEHER".again an extra marital affair in the offing with the seductress udita playing the vamp in disguise.somehow most of the mahesh bhatt movies are low budget movies and with mediocre actors..making an entry into filmdom or so called models.whatever ,their movies are hits and serves their pupose and all those skin showing their movies are generally asociated with ,would tempt anybody for sure in this sex starved country India.and like their previous movies too the songs jism.paap,kasoor,raaz.
Happen to watch "lucky"the flop film with ash looklike whos voice is heard with much difficulty.o god plz do teach that female too act ,it has been another torcher ,left the movie midway..didn't have the patience.yeah but am looking foward to watch NAINA ,a scary movie.
Chal will blog later mom's calling for some help
Bye take care..
Lots of Perverts roaming scott free
Be careful
Rape seems to be the order of these dayz.


At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Angel said...

Zeher and Lucky ...Oh god pure torture, babes you ok right??? I assume you wanna go with me for Naina??I'll come, I've also grown my nails now so you be careful hon ;)

At 3:17 AM, Blogger Gaurav said...

For one time watch..."Kya kool hein hum" pretty ok...agreed its on lines of "Masti"......still targetted at youth...who can have a nice time (spend the hot summer afternoon in the AC hall) and have some fun also.....
Or if ur into epic dramas like Gladiator go in for "Kingdoms of Heaven".....
And Naina with Angel and her long nails can be a bit risky when ever some scary scenes come.....

At 6:00 AM, Blogger karthika said...

am not sure of taking u along for the movie naina..y dont u call sleepoo or much better paro who is dying to go out on a date with u, u can scare her to death with ur long claws:)
i wonder what sort of fun u talking about wen it comes to a cinema hall..hmmm


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