Thursday, May 05, 2005

royal life

What did u do today?This is the most cliched question i have to reply to my friends,Dad,neighbours..and God knows who i thought why not blog about it today.Ever since my vacations begun technically,i had a test on 1st may..even before that i had been going through the same stuff almost everyday.So this how my normal routine goes like.
  • I wake up at 8 everyday(with much difficulty)sometimes..later then that..largely accompanied by mom's taunts.Then once in three days help her make chappati's..(its not an india map).
  • Have my breakfast,read the then its 9:30.after that i do help mom cut vegetables(I dont cut my finger but i do land up cutting my nails).
  • After that laze around at home ,go for a bath,then its 11:30 .
  • Switch on my pc,check mails,blogs,and ofcourse chat with a crazy friend.
  • At around 1:15 ,few flies in my tummy pester go for the lunch.,watch T.V.for sometime.actually nothing worth watching.Switch 50 channels in 30 seconds..
  • By 2:30 i start yawning ,and then hit the bed
  • Wake up at 4:30,and again laze around.(it takes time to come out of the sleep yaa).Have coffee,munch something and again hit the pc.
  • During this time i and my bro we generally have a fight for the pc..and being a good elder sis,give up.
  • By 7 dad is at home,pick up some arguements with him,then go to my room,read the ET,listen to music..
  • At around 9 mom calls me to set the table for dinner..have the same..
  • At 10,go out for a walk along with my parents..(the only outdoor meet i go through).
  • Come home switch some crap,by 11:30 wud give angel a missed call..we then discuss how both of us have languished the entire day,discuss some cool blogs..
  • By 12:30 again am off to sleep..(to wake up for the same routine).
So i can conclude that i'm leading a royal life (one needn't be the princess of lead one).And my life includes eating sleeping.and all fun


At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Angel said...

I'm honoured to be a part of your daily itinerary moi pwincess =))

At 4:56 AM, Blogger karthika said...


u shud be..:)

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Lucidly Awake said...

i am releived i am not the only one who can resist an afternoon siesta in this swelthering heat..

At 1:48 AM, Blogger karthika said...

we sre alike..sleep is very imporant u know that no matter what..

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Me said...

It is quite impossible to sift through 50 channels within 30 seconds.


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