Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yeh.. its been a long since i last posted..reasons..have got several..first of all my pc has been giving me tremendous problems..some drives and errors et al.and i very conveniently blamed my BRO for it, saying that he downloads too much of crap..he surely does..and what more i did not talk to him for 1 and half days..thats a long time for me..watever he is a kiddo and i ought to forgive a true elder SIS.
off late have been very going to GODS OWN COUNTRY this weekend so again will be out of cyberspace for a while.busy shopping and host of other stuff..

Have been missing my college..Ruia like hell ,missing all those days when v frndz used to bunk leactures and hang around DPS..(the name of the fast food joint is durga parmeshwari..we luv modernising names)Sherrys,China man..sandwichwalla,juice centre..and of course one can never forget the katta(this is a place where one can spend hours alongwith frndz).Ruia has been a wondeful and fulfilling experience.Having spend 5 yrs there one can get really nostalgic about the place..i did my junior college here too so this is the first place where i've received my 1st hand expereience about the college life.

FYJ(first yr juniour college waz basically only fun trying to explore new avenues about the newly received freedom we were like those birds who have just got their wings and are learning to fly,just got the taste of what bunking leactures were ,going out for movies and trying to do the minimal amout of study that year)

SYJC(second yr juniour college waz more inclined towards studying ,even though i never attended classes coz 99% of them went for tuitions it didnt matter,used to got to college only for practicals..that year being a very serious one dint fool around much).

Though i never really thought of doing bsc god knows what made me go for it .the first part of the year waz spend doing basically nothing coming to college making new frndz coz every now and then people kept leaving for greener pastures like mbbs and engg..(STATISTICS is a cool subject with lots of scope involved but people just dont know much abt it)i was also supposed to jump into the world of engg but was prudent not to and i got to thank my stars for that becoz..i dont regret about it,its not that engg is bad but just didnt want to and as a matter of fact 95% of my frndz are engineers.that year went pretty quicky we were a group of 4 frndz.we wud got to college on friday or saturday just for the pracs thats it after that wud head for a movie or hang around at the katta.the entire second term i happen to attend just two lectures of stats.but managed to scrap thro.

i decided that wud attend lectures regularly coz wasted a lot of potential in my 1st yr basically the pathetic marks were also the reson to attend lect.they happen to be a blot in my CV..2nd yr waz a mixture of acads as well as fun,was initially depressed coz 2 of my buddys had left the return made some really awesome frndz for life.waz fun did a gud share of masti too.

"those were the best dayz of my life"as BRYAN ADAMS sang in summer of 69.indeed it was first time i enjoyed attending lectres and to top of it doing pracs invariably everyday,from 8:15 to 12..was an herculean task for sure but has been an exp worth cherishing.all those petty fights we wud take up during the course of problem solving,getting hooked up with a particular problem for hours together..o boy and those leactures esp the biostats ones..everybody used to dose of,with much difficulty kept our eyes opened luckily we had a sweethrt teacher for that and she understood us very well.being a very sincere student and having got 99% attendence record ,in retrospect wonder how i managed to attend those lectures.thanks to my awesome frndz who were there with me during the entire course for having made those dull lectures sound fun...enjoyed every possible day be it the sari day or utsav our college festival to the farewell waz a party the entire year.

Missing all those days, a new life is due to begin within a short span of time hoping that i will..Have a gal time there too...

Bye Karthika


At 4:34 AM, Anonymous Harish said...

Yes college life is always fun...and the memories are always special.

hope u have a great time in Kerala..


At 8:44 PM, Blogger rohit kaul said...

Yeps I agree, last yr in coll is really the best, no tension, no gr8 worries and all of a sudden u start liking ur coll more than ever...kuchh stockholm syndrome jaisa ho jata hai :)

btw summer of 69 ws Bryan Adams not BJ :)

take care


At 10:58 PM, Blogger Cherubin said...

Babes....why did you write made me cry girl....I'm gonna miss you :(

At 1:55 AM, Blogger karthika said...

thanks for correcting me its bryan adams ..pata nahin kya soch kar leeki


college is the best time of our life

i did not intend to make u cry babes..

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