Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mini Tsunami Strikes MUMBAI

Little did i know that on the day when i posted for my blog from my workplace i wud be spending my night there..
At around2:30 my mom gave me a call on my cell but as i waz busy did not receive it..soon 10-15 min later..we got a message from our TEAM LEADER telling us to go home quickly as heavy rains had already begun ,but by the time we were ready to move it was sheer impossible and water had already begun flooding the entire fact the area where my office is located is one of the worst affected area in mumbai..and ac to the news channels around 80 people have died.for about 15 hrs the rains took no name fore stopping and there waz shoulder deep water everywhere.98% of the people at work stayed bck at office there waz no other alternative.we stayed in an environment one wud least imagine to no electricity drinking ,water to be specific coz there waz water around else where and no food.spend the entire nite playing games and finally waz exhausted as v were deprived of food.tried sleeping fixing up 2 chairs but in vain just cudn't ,then finally resorted to the carpet laid on the floor,definitely a nite to remember.
the water did recede but the transport facility waz not available and some of the areas was still in water.finally left office in the , they had arranged a bus but was fed up being stuck up ina traffic jam so got our feet.i walked 10 km and reached home wading thru knee deep water.......walked for 3hrs..ha dleft office at 2:30 and reached home at 8:30.on thing for sure people of mumbai are always in high spirits and the true face of humanity was seen during this disaster.people who were safe back at home got to the roads and helped out the people stranded in the water.
there were some classic scenes i have witnesed too like the one where 2 dogs were stuck up on top of a bus,few cars floating in the water ,a car which had one of its tyre in a drain and the other tyres in the air.i have heard of people being stranded inside a bus for 10 hrs.people from all walks of life were scene walking to their homes irrespective how far they lived some for even 50kms..
i thank my stars coz have reached home safely and pray that people who have been stranded at various locations get back to their respective homes as quickly as possible.
so have to go back for work tomorrow....


Monday, July 25, 2005


Reached for work early so decided to put in a few thoughts,mainly why do always land up being so punctual for whatever i do or for that matter whereever i go,ever since i waz a child i have always been early to school,tutions,dance classes and for most of the opther activities ,while most of them have the habit of coming at the nik of the time or late.....being late makes me feel a bit insecure,being punctual has been de rigeur to me.
They generally say that if a person lives close to the place where they study or work they r the ones who generally reach late,but it has never been applicable to me,thanks to my parents who have instilled this very good habit in me.
The drawback here lies when am goin out alongwith my friendz,m always the first one to reach the destination and have to keep longing for their arrival.whatever m today happy to reach my workplace on time when not a single person has turned up so far when we ought to report at 9am.
after all MUMBAI mein late aajaana chalta hai.

let me get back to my work....
lotsa luv....


Sunday, July 24, 2005

finally i have write few words due to sheer compulsion i cud say or maybe that i want to break the hiatus..
the past few weeks were very much exciting,entry to the corporate world basically trying to understand the nitty gritty of the work life.first of all learning the work which is of utmost importance is in the run..
ok no work now,let me talk a bit about my personal life.nuthin much basically but have to mention that my best friend has left for kanpur..and there is a lot of voidness am goin thru rite now ,hopin to bounce back soon..
by the way my dear abhinav,i haven't abandoned my blog ,i just dont want to so have promised myself that will blog every week matter what.

its raining heavily in mumbai and mumbai is hell presently,white clothes are a no no for another 1 month.getting delayed for work or being caught up in the infamous TRAFFIC JAM seem to be the order .
chal got to go now..